What good are we serving? It is a good question that some charitable souls are asking to us (who assert, of course, to be «our friends» ...Life has taught me what to think). However, let's play the game and ask ourselves the question (a little introspection, from time to time, does no harm): what good are we serving? To tell the truth. In a society where it has become difficult to envisage if we are concerned about our career, our interests or just our tranquility (which is not our case). That is, taboos, the liberticidal laws, the pressures of all kinds performed by lobbies, self-censorship provokes an unconditional alignment on the one-track thinking, the politically-correct language.

It is easy to see this when we tackle some subjects. Populism, ethnicity ... Even among the people of whom we say, a little quickly, that they are "from home," these are themes of reflection that provoke a prudent rejection. By conviction? Interest (but hoping what? To be accepted by our enemies as someone reputable)?

And yet, the truth is revolutionary because it brings freedom. Free of the constraints imposed by the world of cheaters, of liars in which we are told to live, because there is no other choice possible. What is wrong? You just need to say no. No. NO. Therefore, our mission is to tell the truth, while few dare to do it. And the truth concerns the ethnicity (that is to say, as we should remind ourselves once again, the affirmation that the race is, in connection with culture, the foundation of the identity, the identity of all peoples, which is an imprescriptible right). The ethnicity simply consists in taking into account the law of reality, against which nobody can do anything.

What happens in the History, gives us reason. A spectacular demonstration has just been given by the election of Trump. All "authorized" oracles (their "authority" having been decided by themselves) - the media, polling institutes (see also in France, the case of Fillon…), the "experts" (jokes) of political science on either sides of the Atlantic thought that Mrs. Clinton would have won the election with flying colors. Bang! The oracles forgot a small detail: in an election people have something to say. The population? Which population? These "people, which are little trained, little educated and little qualified" of which Alain Minc mentioned (a heated supporter of Juppé) to explain the vote of the British that ended with the Brexit? Again, these uncultivated, narrow-minded, racists, idiot of the America's heartland, those "crybaby of people" (Pascal Bruckner) who, by electing Trump, have accomplished "the revenge of the whites" (Guy Sorman). The sovereign, acting with total disregard and displayed by its 'waste' that calls themselves intellectual, translates a truth that sticks in their throat: they can practice, in order to reassure themselves, the denial of reality, but reality is here and gives them a big slap in the face. Less stupid than his fellows in the media, Bruckner makes an observation in the form of self-criticism (contemporary version of the dear confession to masochist Christian): “We don't understand the world in which we live. We don't know how to interpret the signals it sends us anymore: the experts, political scientists have been mistaken their forecast because their instruments of analysis, their intelligences of things are no longer adapted to the situation. Although they still have faith in this world, they are astonished not to find it in the results. Reality, ignored, has returned in the form of an amazing surprise on November 9th “(‘Le Monde’, November 11th, 2016). His compatriot, Guy Sorman, born from stateless Jewish parents and apostle of a liberalism synonymous with uprooting, console himself by predicting the death of a white world that he hates: “Legal immigration or not will continue, the internal mix will continue and the new American race, rainbow, will replace the identity resistance of the white males” (‘Le Monde’, November 11th 2016). However, this man might be disenchanted when he'll see that the “whites’ males” have enough to calm the pests of his species. Especially as there are also “white males” in resuscitated Russia thanks to one of them: long life to Tsar Vladimir!

It is necessary to be the victim of a strange blindness to affirm, like Alain de Benoist (joining Marine Le Pen with his speech): “We should avoid to “racialize” the victory of Donald Trump” (‘Boulevard Voltaire’, November 15th, 2016), while all media admits, of course with suffering, that the vote of Trump was a white vote. In other words, the racial consciousness of whites is a reality that the events are revealing – and will reveal more and more in the future, where the white populations rediscover the stakes of their survival and the need to fight to ensure it. The liberation of speech, which many observers notice (to be sorry when the observers in question eat out of the System’s hand) is a revealing illustration. Our mission is therefore traced: to act, by all available means, in the service of the resistance and rebirth of our people. By telling them and constantly repeating who they are, where they come from. Then, by making their own way towards the future, a way of hope. The events that are before us (no need to be a great prophet to say this) will make this message more and more audible.

Pierre VIAL

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