Wednesday November 9th, in the morning. It was such a joy to see the devastated face of reporters who, the day before, had predicted the victory of the so friendly Hillary Clinton, in front of the villain Donald Trump, of which was understood, through the comments; as an offshoot of the vile beast.

With their usual impertinence, the minions of the System, calling themselves reporters or university experts, lined up for months the politically correct language. Behind their set phrases, a conviction: ‘we can do everything we want with people’ (people are doing what there were told to do), whatever the price. This principle of globalist “elite” who had the upper hand, while controlling each position of power on the political, economic and cultural, has just suffered a painful refutation with Trump’s election.

The hateful comments that hosted this tsunami are revealing. Those Americans who elected Trump can only be narrow-minded people, ignorant, racists, as well as those idiots of rural America unable to understand the beauty of a mixed world. The elitists intellectual who proclaim this judgment from the top of their morgue don’t want to understand they are facing the revenge of the real. Revenge is done against them.

Hillary Clinton, the idol of the bobos, of coloured and gays people, is remanded to her juicy scheming to whom she is a specialist: don’t worry about her; a comfortable retirement is about to reach her. Trump, on the other hand, received the support of the White House, of the America who works and appreciates little about multiracialism.

We will evaluate, of course, Trump’s actions. However, today, the triumph of populism, it embodies, is a big slap in the face of cosmopolitan of all kinds, in Washington, Paris and elsewhere. On that basis alone, we should not spare our pleasure.

Pierre VIAL

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