Smart and gullible guys who are loaded, have now the President they deserve and always wanted: a typical product of the anonymous and vagabond High Finance, as Henry Coston said.

With him, no possible error: the very rich will be richer, the very poor even poorer. In application of an unadulterated liberalism, which is leaving behind precariousness, poverty and despair. Don’t worry, this will not prevent the “bobo” from sleeping. At least, until the day we wake them up to hang them to the nearest tree...

We’re now entering in a new phase of History of which the sorcerer's apprentices, who set up this Operation of Macron, imagine they will be able to control it as usual. However, they’ve made and set up a Golem (let us remind those who are not familiar with Jewish tradition and the Kabbala, that the Golem is a powerful anthropoid monster, made by a rabbi with clay, destined to serve unconditionally his Creator ... but who can escape him).

Of course, the world of the king dough is over the moon: the creature it has made from scratch and installed at the French President’s official residence will serve his best interests. For five years? Gods will decide. Perhaps inspiring a despised and abused people, eager to revolt themselves resulting in the destruction of the Golem.

It’s toward this work that we must concentrate our effort, especially in the social, economic and cultural field, as close as possible to the realities. Starting from the beginning, close to people who will suffer of the large breakdown organized by people who now think they can do whatever they like and wish to crush any resistance. It is necessary to enter into secession, to break all the bridges with a Legal Country, which will become an empty carcass. Let the Real Country organize its self-defense and its survival – and everything will be possible. As one great soldier once said: “Courage, we will have them!”

Pierre VIal

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