Ethnic logic

« Barack Obama has built his victory rallying minorities (…). The ethnic and social gap between both Americas widens” (Le Monde, November 9th, 2012). It is well known that the word “minority” represents the non-White people. Those who effectively block to ensure the victory of mongrels, enhancing hostility against Whites, considered enemies. Obama has collected only 39% votes form White people (and only 25% belonged to men), while 93% from Black and 71% from Latinos voted for him. Situation is simple and clear: ethnical vote is the key to the political situation in the United States, where the racial consciousness of each different community is still quite genuine.

It goes even further, more and more in Europe (even though in France White people are still considerably paralysed by the taboos laid down by the anti-racist league…, things move, freedom of expression is being released gradually). In Belgium, during the last municipal elections, non-White electors where systematically removed from the lists presented by the Socialist Party, where numerous candidates with European origin figured as “Belgio-Africans”. The result: many of these where not elected, whereas candidates with African names are still stable within the municipal Councils. Ballot boxes call that a strategy of ethnic power. Hoping for the best…

Another illustration of the ethnic logic: when a “French-Algerian” (or a “French-Tunis”, or a “French-Moroccan”) deceases, his family buries him in Algeria, in Tunis or in Morocco. When “French-Israelis” are victims of Mohamed Merah, defunct are buried in Israel. These choices are revealing: when it is about death, there is no more cheating and the truth comes out: a “French-Israeli” is, first and above all, an Israeli.

In France, the domestic policy is also demonstrating the importance of the ethnic factor. Each party, from the government, are eager to show that they are always working in agreement with a multicultural society, by multiplying, on their shortlists (eligible position) in polls, that their candidates represent the “diversity”. In fact, they want to show that they keep a certain equilibrium inside their organisms, such as having a colored representation, and stay conform with the prevail reign (the promotion of the Minister Christiane Taubira does not have any others reasons). Illustratively, the new Secretary of the PS, Harlem Deveau, is a mixed-race, who built his entire career from SOS-Racism (“France mixture”…), is a good example. Moreover, the media, and the television in particular, is hiring more and more strangers as journalists; and this statement is also true with the advertisement.

A special case concerns the Jewish community: being one of them might open doors and facilitate many careers, beyond the political world: If Strauss-Khan and Julien Dray had difficulties in the past, Fabius, Minister of Foreign Affairs, Moscovici, Minister of the Economy, Jean-François Copé, Louis Aliot (Vice-President of FN and partner of Marine LePen) are on the first row.

Based on those realities, it is possible to state loud and clear, and only few people have the courage to do it, that the ethnic logic, linked to the communitarianism is a fundamental key to understand the challenges of today’s world, but also in the near future. Those who deny this fact, by ideological obsessive blindness, condemn themselves of not understanding the world where we are living, and thus, to be without any control of himself. Therefore, he is becoming the victims of his irresponsibility. Sow the wind and reap the whirlwind.


Pierre Vial

Translation : Rory

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