Did you mean populism?

Populism. This word is annoying the zealots of the System, which are scared of losing their sinecures, and the few people who hope to be accepted into their ranks. Moreover, it is also annoying the ones who think of themselves as "intellectuals". They hold their noses when it comes to the people because, as it was said to me one day by a small marquis named Patrice de Plunkett (he wanted to be a member of New Right-Wing... before becoming the towel rack of hierarchical Catholic Church): "The people feel the sweat...” Ugh, my dear, keep away this pestilence from me!

We, at ‘Terre et Peuple’ (yes, the people), we fight for our European peoples. Because fighting the System, is fighting against the machine that is killing people. That is, the people who do not want to die and say it louder and louder. What stupid people call populism (a word, of course, we claim), it is the awareness of identity of the people who want to remain what they are, hereditarily. Largely because they understand a deadly threat to them: immigration, tool of big business for who believes in his innocence, protects its profits. An invasion, whose clear purpose, no offense to the hypocrites, is the great replacement. To deny this reality will not make it disappear.

Immigration-invasion is and will always be a mortal threat to the peoples of Europe. However, on this issue, the lie became the only weapon of the System and of its dogsbody. Therefore, we must carefully record the names of those people who, one day, will have to answer for the crime of high treason against the people of the community.

Give honour where honour is due: Holland, inaugurating, the 15th of December, the Museum of the History of Immigration, is hearing "say what is France in its diversity and richness, and its appreciation against the immigrants from everywhere for saving, developing and enriching it”. It is difficult to put oneself more face down.... But already, a few days earlier in Dakar, by singing the virtues and values of Africa, he declared: "Africa is also a part of our future”.

Second knifes come to the rescue. Thus, Claire Rodier, a lawyer at the GISTI (‘Groupe d’information et de soutien des immigrés’), do not hesitate to make a big, very big lie, saying: "Historically, we don’t live in a period of a heavy immigration." When Jean-Pierre and Claire Stoobants Gâtinois say coldly, from Brussels, in the newspaper ‘Le Monde’ (December 17, 2014) that "in an aging Europe, immigration is necessary, if not salvation." It is true, they would have deserved their check ... But whatever these people and many others will say or do, the European people will not listen to their lies. And they will make them speak.

In recent weeks, a new important fact upsets Europe's political landscape: the Germans go wild; finally releasing themselves with speech and acts. Since 1945, affirming its German identity was denounced as a criminal resurgence of years that the winners of the Second World War had decided to banish the memory of an entire population, declared guilty ‘ad vitam acternam’. This imposed amnesia is no longer working. This is the message that punctuates the tens of thousands of demonstrators in Dresden (the martyr city), Cologne, Berlin, Düsseldorf, Wurtzbourg, Cassel, Bonn, shouting, "We are the people." And also "The press lies"...

This is due to Pigida, the movement of "European patriots against the Islamization of the West." At its ninth weekly protest in the streets of Dresden on December 15, about 15,000 people were reunited. There were 10,000 last week ... and barely 200 in the first meeting, on October 20. "Extreme right-wing protest" (and so non-conformist), say the Media of the System, for reassurance. But some, more worried (more lucid?) than others, establish: "New fact, ‘ordinary’ citizens are more likely to be present" (Le Monde, December 17). And "it is a success that caught the politicians off-guard (...) The leaders of the traditional parties are worried and divide themselves" in front of "a cocktail which could be explosive", socioeconomic shipwrecks and influx of immigrants, being perceived as the poisoned fruit of the same system.

On the other side of the Rhine, in Alsace, it is, identically, "a rejection of the system, of its politicians and its elites" that is taking place on the occasion of a popular rejection following boundary changes, which have been decided in Paris. For them, it is a direct threat against the Alsatian identity. Latest News from Alsace (December 16) state: "The movement has freed themselves of a political class that is not able to understand them. Its speech has also released it in front of the obvious failure of elected representatives of the UMP, PS and ‘Europe Ecologie Les Verts’. It can now fight a region Alsace-Lorraine Champagne-Ardenne that an overwhelming majority of Alsatians refuse ", the FN is" non-existent in the territorial reform case file. "

New forms of political and social action, based upon solidarities to save the identity, in terms of socio-economic, political and cultural (the refusal of Islamization is a defensive reflex of a European idea on life, man ... and woman!) they are now emerging? It is our greatest wish and we will do whatever it takes to help.

Pierre Vial

(translated by Rory)

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