The great divide


A bitch named Sophie Fonfec is in charge, within the American electronic commerce such as Amazon, to give the good and bad points of books in terms of politically correct. That is, she found “courageous and wise” Didier Raoult’s book Arrêtons d’avoir peur (Stop being afraid), which is “making an apologist argument of melting pot, multiculturalism and human migration (…) Melting pot and multiculturalism are simply the natural course of things”. Her commentary on Théo Sarrazin’s book, The disappearance of Germany, sweats hatred of Germany and the German. As for the book of Ivan Rioufol, Civil war if coming, she decided to tell all the bad things she think by using Alain de Benoist, who said in May 2016: “Many people argue about this assumption, but I do not believe it (…) The civil war remains a fantasy for me.” For good measure, she adds another quote from Alain de Benoist in January 2015: “Islamophobic are useful idiots of radical Islam.” Miss Fonfec concluded that “useful idiot of radical Islam, this obviously applied to Rioufol and all ethno-nationalist hysterics and other “patriots”, fanatic moron to the motherland, of Jeanne d’Arc and of the Marseillaise”.

The hare-brained ideas of this bitch have the merit of illustrating a key phenomenon of what happen today: the division, the final gap, unbridgeable, that separate the population living in France - and which cannot end up, whatever the gullible fool living in their bubbles are thinking, as a clash of great magnitude that must be called by its name: war. There is indeed, on one hand, the invaders, supported by Europeans who accept or even wish the invasion (it’s called ethnomasochism), and on the other hand, Europeans who absolutely refuse the invasion, in a way which is more and more evident (which makes cited people above concerned about, aware that the temperature is risen…and as we play we fire we burn).

This divide perpetuates the old divorce between the legal country and the real country. Today, the legal country, which is eager to see the disappearance of a France faithful to its roots, is trying, desperately, to deny the obvious while chanting the “living together” citation, along with the ritual invocation of the "values of the Republic " looking like a Tibetan prayer mill. Who still believes in these fables - including among those who dream of using them as a lightning rod? Living together, that is to say, accepts cohabitation with people to whom everything oppose us? As for us, it's out of the question, we do not want them. Just because, talking about national unity is an illusion in a country that has become a mosaic of diverse populations and incompatible civilizations. Those who maintain the opposite, whatever their political label, are liars or clueless, locked in their theories and cut from the reality.

And we tell – again and again- why, so that our position are perfectly clear, when black clouds are gathering on the horizon, of which too many people are still totally unaware of, despite recent events.

It might not be possible to understand the reality and therefore act in relation to it, if we refuse teaching the History and life sciences, knowing the people, and then the individuals that make them, are characterized both by their origins and their culture. Therefore, the identity is bio-cultural diversity, race and culture having permanent interaction on each other. However, today, this observation has become taboo due to an ideology which maintains, against all scientific reason that races do not exist. Hence the passionate denunciation of racialism, a racialism which is the basis of the idea we are making of the World and is based on our respect for all racial affiliations. This wealth responsible for human species diversity that our enemies would want to see disappear, on the benefice of a single man model, as undifferentiated, interchangeable, malleable and exploitable as it can be – this “nomadic” that the apostles of uprooting, the poisoners Jacques Attali, Bernard-Henri Lévy and the others are calling for.

In 1880, Benjamin Disraeli, who was Prime Minister of the United Kingdom from 1874 to 1880, wrote: “No one will treat with indifference racial principle. This is the key of History. Why the History is often so chaotic? This is because it is written by people who ignore this principle and all the knowledge it implies… Language and religion don’t make a race. Only one thing makes a race, and this thing is blood”. Such a statement is now hit with infamy. Even on the extreme right-wing (label that, of course, most of people reject with horror because it feels like a nuisance), as seen with the anti-racialist drift of Alain de Benoist (major reason of my break with the New Right) or from Soral (see Rivarol n°3246), calling the racialist nativist of “idiots useful to the System” (we can return the compliment to him, he is an idiot useful to Islamism). As for Marine Le Pen, she is in a hurry (in the magazine Valeurs actuelles of July 7th, 2016) to denounce Nadine Morano who dared to endorse the words of de Gaulle (“France is a Caucasian country”). She put the boot in: “I don’t have a racial vision of the French people”. And in the name of her “republican vision”, she condemns those who have “a racialist vision of France”. Her concern to cast a wide net, for electoral reasons, which are her only motivation, leads her to ask for support from “all the French whatever their origin or religion”. I am not sure that some of her Gallic voters indefinitely appreciate this kind of statement…

A final word: our racialist logic leads us making no mistake about Islam. This is, for us, the coverage, the religious justification of racial invasion of Europe. Our battle is not religious but ethnic. The invaders must go home (over there is their home, here, it is our home), bringing their religion in their luggage, and all will be ok. However, this is likely to be a vain wish. So what…

Does this position condemn us to certain solitude? I don’t believe it because it is in fact shared by the large cohort of the real country, of a silent majority still held in respect by the anathema of legal country but that doesn’t mean they aren’t thinking it (if some intellectuals would – what horror- sometimes mix with people “at the bottom of the ladder”, their ears would toll).

We are determined and serene as we made our own, as a guideline, the motto of an old chivalric tradition of the Middle Ages: “Do what you must”. And we know that History will prove us right.


Pierre VIAL

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