The invasion suffered by Europe, with the support of "European" leaders (Is the word European still means the same thing?) - See Le Monde on September 10th, "Juncker wants to impose the welcome of refugees" (reminder: Juncker is the President of the European Commission) - was praised by all who embody the politically correct, that is to say the party of treason. Public opinion, we are told, agrees.

We will see. Even if the media spotlights are doing everything they can to make us believe it, the reality may be different. In any case, although some are in a blissful dream of care bears (everyone is beautiful, everyone is nice), the awakening may be hard. Faced with reality, Europeans who are still struggling to find housing, work, minimum social benefits will eventually ask the right questions. And hear the right answer: we must destroy the rotten system. If we arrive at this result, the invasion of "migrants" may have been a salutary shock. Blessing in disguise? This has already been seen over history ... However, we will need to have a lot of courage to face the consequences. And that…

Pierre Vial

Translation by Rory

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