When reality reasserts itself, it hurts. Damage to politicians who thought they could have freed themselves from it, under the name of utopias. Angela Merkel has experienced it. Salutary realism cure. She thought she could, with the congratulations of the media, play the role of the icon invaders. She finds herself condemned to face a retreat piteously because even his political friends do not want to ride with her in a sinking ship (its Bavarian ally, the CSU powerful, has taken great care to stand out from it quickly ... because otherwise voters CSU would not have understood and not like).

It takes a gullible of Alain Lamassoure sizes, European deputy PPE (right wing) to dare to declare about Merkel: "She made honor to our political family." And, be delighted because "the right wing uses the speech of the left" (cuckold and happy ... the right politico we like), he explains: "This gesture almost Christ (sic) of Ms Merkel, meaning not only that Germany is a land of immigration but that all Europe is one; this forces us to work quickly on a common migration policy with the EU legal migration policy. » This guy embodies a right wing which, since Giscard-Chirac (family reunification), is responsible and guilty of the invasion on our land. We have already said? It must be repeated incessantly. In order for everyone to clearly take positions. And then face the consequences. Because the resistant patriots take note and have a memory of elephant...

But the tsunami of "migrants" is beginning to have positive effects: Germany and Austria find a little common sense, imitated by the Czech Republic and Slovakia. The newspaper Le Monde (September 15th), appalled, recognizes: "After two weeks of euphoria during which tens of thousands of refugees were welcomed with open arms, Germany is suddenly scared (...) The country no longer controls much ". And many elected representatives of Germany are "concerned about the chaos that begins to build in some German cities." No more guard of honor of nit, smiling at their "migrant brothers" on the banks of Munich Train Station ... Now the situation is "very tense" (well, what do you know?).

Hungary (giving an example of courage and is reviled by Fabius and other parasites), Slovakia, Romania protest against any proposed distribution of "migrants". The Schengen rules are finally questioned. It's a good start. Now the right question is: when will we finally get out of this caricature of Europe, which always proves a little harmfulness and puts in danger the future of the Europeans?

Pierre Vial

Translation by Rory


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