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Terre et Peuple Magazine n°58 - Hiver 2013


Editorial (English version) TP Mag n°58

Breton model: we are all red hats


We don’t want to take away the paternity of a strong symbol that came from the longest memory of the Breton. Everyone knows now, thanks to the media, that red hats mean the rallying of the insurgents Breton, in 1675, against a royal power abusing his authority as the Republican power is doing today.


It is important to remind us about those periods in our history, whose most of the majority of French ignored, because the republican school is carefully concealing this stuff (which could give bad ideas to good people…).


Once upon a time, there were some angry Bretons. It was during the reign of Louis XIV who, had launched a reckless war against the Netherlands (which was the first European economic power), experienced several disappointments causing serious financial difficulties. To cope with these dissatisfactions, the minister Colbert had recourse to expedients, such as the creation of new taxes (on item of tinware, tobacco, obligation of paper postmarked, which is required for all documents that may be used in court: wills, contracts of sale, etc.). Other measures, such as the restriction of women's rights which is going against older Celtic traditions, clashed the Bretons. The dispute with the royal power was old: while the edict of union between France and the Brittany (1532) asserted the rights of States for the Brittany to maintain the freedom of the Breton, the main authority did everything to cut them out. This is why bitterness and resentment, among the Bretons, debouched on revolt of the “red Hats”, gathering farmers and the little people of the cities, from April to September 1975, ransacking offices stamped paper. The repression was fierce: hanging after torture (not sparing women) and pain, before devastating the military occupation, which left the Brittany ruined. But the resettlement areas of the “red Hat” became, in 1789, as many as revolutionary homes...


Today the Breton’s revolt scares the hierarchical system. That is, against it, the old meaning "divide to reign" no longer works. Under the motto ‘Live, work and decide in Brittany’, the movement of the “red Hats” brought together entrepreneurs and employees, farmers and workers, manual and intellectual, country-style and citizen. There are currently more than Bretons fighting for Britain. This is what scares the Jacobin of all kinds, which mobilize their house-dogs in two full pages of the newspaper “Le Monde” (15th of November) to denounce "identity claims", "identity politics", "identity crusade" the "awful black and white flag", behind which lies the "anti-Jacobin reflex."


And yes, dear friends, you have to understand: the Bretons are turning down the dictates of Paris and Brussels and your multiracial Republic “a du plomb dans l'aile” (become weaker everyday). Parties and unions, which are handled from Paris, are overwhelmed by their base and panic: while the FO (Force Ouvière, french trade union) representative of the grinding company GAD, dumbstruck by a heavy redundancy scheme, calls, connected to his colleague, to protest on the 30th of November in Carhaix, the FO regional secretary from the department, sermonized by people of the union, deflates "It does not fit at all in an identity approach" (sic).


While collective professional defence increases against the State, prefects are sounding the alarm in a report to the Minister of the Interior: "France is cracking up" there is "a beachcomber of despair", where "a spontaneous sudden fit of anger". Where are they going to stop? If they stop....


In other countries of the Hexagon, Bretons model starts to give ideas...


Pierre Vial

(Translated by Rory)


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